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PSI launches the Right to Health at AFREC

27 March 2017
A major highlight of the Africa and Arab Countries Regional Executive Committee meeting held at Lagos on 16-17 March, was the launching of the Right to Health newsletter. Right to Health is the bi-monthly newsletter of the PSI Human Right to Health global campaign which was kicked off at the Health and Social Services Task Force meeting in December 2016.

"The Right to Health newsletter is a major milestone of our work in the health and social services sector. It is the voice of our campaign for a better future, with public health for all. It will serve to inform, educate and mobilise PSI affiliates and the broader global civil society movement in the pursuit of this lofty aim. It will equally serve as a means for expanding PSI policy influence, as a platform for discourse with governments and international organisations", said Rosa Pavanelli, the PSI General Secretary

Right to Health contains news and perspectives on health matters of concern internationally, and from almost twenty countries spread across all the continents. 

It is heart-warming that the Human Right to Health campaign was launched in several sub-regions across the four PSI Regions, in the first quarter of the year. In the next phase, country-level campaign actions will equally take place.

Right to Health will report these as well as the numerous steps women and men are taking, as members of PSI affiliates, to actualise the right to health. Send us your stories, and subscribe to Right to Health.

This article is an extract from the “Right to Health” newsletter issue 02/2017. Subscribe to the newsletter. Send us your stories.

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