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PSI General Secretary Rosa Pavanelli addresses the International Labour Conference

06 June 2013
Rosa Pavanelli and Juneia Batista at the International Labour Conference in Geneva
Rosa Pavanelli, speaking at the International Labour Conference on 6 June 2013, says, "PSI welcomes the report by the ILO Committee on the Application of Standards, and the excellent work done by the Committee of Experts. We want to underline the importance of the ILO’s supervisory mechanism and the role it plays in modernizing labour relations systems.

Whereas in some countries, like South Korea, the government employees’ union (KGEU) is denied registration, in Algeria autonomous unions are suppressed by the government and in Guatemala health workers get killed without anybody being arrested for those heinous crimes.  In the US, attacks on labour rights have lowered union density to the lowest rates since 1900; degradation and attacks upon pensions for public sector and health workers persist, especially among working and retired women. In the UK, strike laws are amongst the strictest in Europe. We support the Turkish government employees that are now being threatened to be fired for participating in demonstrations and actions, claiming the civil and political rights that the ILO conventions protect."

Download the full speech via the link below.

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