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PSI expresses solidarity with workers and communities affected by recent earthquakes in Italy

06 June 2012
The Public Services International extends their solidarity and condolences to PSI union members, their families and communities who’ve experienced trauma or losses caused by the serious earthquakes in northern Italy this spring.

Seventeen people are now known to have died and another 350 were hurt in the 5.8 magnitude quake on Tuesday 29 May, the second major quake to hit the Emilia Romagna region in just over a week. Most of the people killed died in their workplaces.

Our thoughts are with you, and we stand ready to provide resources and financial assistance as needed.


Economic contribution

The Italian PSI-affiliated FP CGIL and its local branch, FP CGIL Emilia-Romagna have decided to give an economic contribution to support specific projects to help the earthquake victims.

In this context the project "Scuola ed Educazione in campo" was born. The purpose of the project is obtaining  physical spaces where to restore the normal educational activity for the children, providing them the psycological support they need under the current circumstances, and  give a chance to workers to resume, where possible, their job.

Read more about the project on the FP CGIL website


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