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PSI Africa energy sector union network meets

24 March 2014
Energy trade union representatives from Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, Rwanda and Uganda met in Kigali, Rwanda, on 5-6 March for a workshop of the PSI Africa energy sector union network.
Almost 30 participants discussed the energy situation in their countries, and emphasized the obligation for all governments to provide electricity to all their citizens, especially in Africa.

They spoke out against privatisation and how it must be resisted and condemned in Africa, for example by encouraging governments to promote public-public partnerships. They resolved to build alliances with civil society organisations and community-based organisations and called on individual member countries to come up with ideas on how best to collaborate with CSOs in the fight against privatisation.

The participants discussed requesting training in capacity-building from Public Services International to enable unions to engage with multinationals and other influential organisations. They also requested PSIRU to assist with the training of research officers from the energy sector unions.

All network members were encouraged to identify progressive and committed leaders and organisations to fight privatisation, and to build and promote international solidarity among PSI affiliates in Africa.

Read the full communiqué from the meeting (PDF)

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