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27 November, 2012 to 30 November, 2012
09.00 - 17.00
Durban, South Africa
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PSI: In the People's Interest - World Congress 2012

Every five years, PSI holds a World Congress where discussion and decisions strengthen our activities and organising ability.

Through an engaging participatory format, Congress 2012 will focus on building an effective Programme of Action for 2013-2017; creating a more agile and sustainable organisation; constitutional changes; sharing challenges and best practices across sectors and regions.

Following a proposal made by the Nordic constituency, the PSI Executive Board (per EB-141 meeting 23-25 November 2011 in Geneva, Switzerland) has decided to establish a special fund for our next World Congress, which will be held in Durban, South Africa, 27-30 November 2012. This Congress Sponsorship Fund is aimed at ensuring more equity, diversity and democracy in representation at Congress. It will also enable PSI to strengthen the participation of young people and women at a Congress that takes place in the midst of unprecedented economic and financial crises.

PSI appeals to our affiliates, where possible, to make a gesture of solidarity and fund or co-fund a delegate from a member union that might be unable to afford participation. According to PSI calculations, the average participation of a fully-sponsored delegate will cost about 2,800€.

Sponsor a participant to the PSI World Congress

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