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PSAC Workshop module: Defending Gay, Lesbian and Bisexual Members Against Homophobia in the Workplace

10 January, 2017
A Public Service Alliance of Canada workshop for trade union representatives which can be used and adapted to include the realities of each your respective countries regarding LGBT rights.

Overview of Module Learning Objectives

  • Define homophobia and heterosexism
  • Explore homophobia as a social construct, not just a “fear” or “phobia”
  • Review the history of GLB struggles
  • Explore the use of language to empower or disempower
  • Identify gains made by unions for GLB members/communities
  • Identify the legal protections for GLB individuals and members
  • Establish the role of the steward in addressing GLB issues in the workplace/union

The Stewards training series has a course specific to Trans issues entitled Defending Trans Members’ Rights in the Workplace. For that reason this course deals specifically with homophobia.

Download the module in English or French

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