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Presentations: The Role of Public Service Trade Unions in achieving Decent Work for Persons with Disabilities

8 December, 2016
These presentations were made at the PSI meeting held 8-9 December 2016 in Geneva, Switzerland with ACTRAV and GED support. The meeting builds on a survey conducted by PSI and ILO of PSI affiliates’ initiatives on disability inclusion, and on ILO research giving a global overview of trade unions actions on disability inclusion.

PSI affiliates from a range of sectors and from around the world shared their experiences, alongside specialists in subjects related to labour. The conference raised awareness on disability issues, disseminated information on initiatives taken around the world, and helped to identify the way forward for PSI affiliates, PSI itself and the ILO.

This conference marked the opening of new ground at an international level: in terms of a global union federation in partnership with ILO exploring disability, and specifically in the role of the public sector and the public services. As a participant observed, there have been many cases of people with disabilities discriminated in government service across the world, and this initiative is part of a historical change in the position of disability and persons with disabilities.


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