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Peruvian federal universities oppose government efforts to ban collective bargaining

19 October 2015
The National Federation of the Universities of Peru (FENTUP) - continues to struggle against the attempts of the national government, to eliminate collective bargaining.

Update: FENTUP continued its actions in November, with demonstrations on 9-11 November, followed by a decision to hold an indefinite strike as of 16 November and until the union's claims are included in the 2016 legislation.


FENTUP holds that the proposed government measures are unconstitutional and so far the Supreme Court has found the government’s efforts against the law according to such international treaties as that of the ILO: Conventions 87, 98, 151 and 154 as well as Articles 28 and 42 of the Constitution of Peru. These rulings are a key step in the struggle of Peruvian unions to defend labor rights.

Furthermore, FENTUP is seeking a 2016 budget to enable a wage increase for public educational workers. The Peruvian government has yet to accept the wage hike, so FENTUP has scheduled a strike to begin on 21 October.

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