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Pakistan electricity workers celebrate Safety Day on 18 July

17 July 2012
Man working on power lines
On 18 July, electricity staff in Pakistan will be celebrating Safety Day to promote a safer preventive culture in all the workplaces of the country’s largest national public utility. The employers are also promoting this special day, to encourage workers to observe safety regulations and avoid accidents.

All over the country, more than 1,500,000 employees work for the national electricity company. Over the last year, more than 80 members of line staff have died as a result of electrocution and many more have become permanently disabled.

The union is applying the following measures:

  • Enlarging the facilities of professional education and training of field staff, in particular on safety and health
  • Improving the quality standard safety equipment and observance of safety regulations
  • Creating more awareness of the rules of safety in the workplace
  • Providing training activities for field work on the prevention of accidents
  • Publishing special education material including case studies of accidents and how they could have been prevented, and good practices of safety in the workplace.

PSI General Secretary Peter Waldorff has sent a message of solidarity to the union for Safety Day. "We wish you good luck with the promotion of Safer preventive culture", he says, "Your commitment to save lives and to reduce risks is an excellent example of the important role of trade unions".

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