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Obituary - Luis Alberto Marrale

30 December 2015
Luis Marrale
Luis Alberto Marrale passed away on 28 December 2015. He was the international head of the Asociación del Personal Superior de Empresas de Energía (APSEE), the Argentinian trade union affiliated to PSI.

by David Boys*

Luis was one of the pillars of PSI. Although he came from a relatively small union, he had a big heart and big ideas. And he always had a smile.

Luis was a long-standing member of the PSI Public Sector Working Group – a body of trade union leaders from all continents helping PSI identify the key global and regional issues facing our members and develop strategies to guide our global and regional work.

Luis was a strong and principled trade unionist, always well versed in the issues, and although he put forward his views with strength and passion, he was always careful to do so in ways that did not diminish the views of others or step over the line into dogmatism. He often premised his contributions with a higher-level philosophical angle, which took one beyond the particularity of an issue. He was a very deep thinker.

He had a wonderful way of coming at the issues sometimes indirectly, so that when you got close to thinking he was off track, he would circle back to the issue at hand, having built a solid foundation for his points.

Luis helped guide PSI’s work in the energy sector. He helped provide the intellectual foundations and was always willing to support PSI initiatives. He understood the problems of privatisation, both for the energy workers, and for the sector and the people. 

Right up until the end, he was working with PSI to solve the problems of representing workers in the energy multinational ENEL, which bought the Spanish company Endesa. PSI will of course continue to work with his union to ensure the protection of labour rights in the energy sector in Argentina.

Luis also chaired the national coordinating committee of PSI affiliates in Argentina. From what I have been able to see, this is one of the best national coordinating committees in all of PSI. I just hope that his successor will be able to continue his fine work.

Luis was a very pleasant and friendly person, with a warm smile and a positive attitude. 

Through his work, Luis made a real difference in the world. We miss him already.


*David Boys is PSI’s Deputy General Secretary.

P.S. On the 22nd of March 2016, the newly inaugurated PSI's office in Argentina received his name. See pictures posted on our Facebook page here.

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