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CETA steamrolls on but unions & civil society will continue the fight

27 October 2016
Under immense pressure from the EU and corporate lobby groups, the Belgian region of Wallonia has given in to the CETA deal.

Despite strong opposition from civil society, unions and the general public, right wing politicians across Europe celebrated the submission of Wallonia, with some leaders even calling for the limited democratic control over trade deals to be scaled back even further.

Rosa Pavanelli, PSI General Secretary, said:

“The sustained pressure which neoliberal EU leaders and corporate lobby groups put Wallonia under shows that they are allergic to real democracy. Had all local and regional communities been given the chance to decide, CETA wouldn’t stand a chance. It is very concerning to hear some EU politicians now calling for even less democratic control over trade.”

The ratification process for CETA is not yet complete. The deal must pass through each national parliament of the European Union in order to be accepted. Unions, activists and civil society are gearing up for a prolonged campaign to ensure that the voice of the citizens who oppose regressive trade deals, such as CETA, TTIP and TiSA, are heard.

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