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No free trade without trade union rights

16 December 2013
No free trade without trade union rights

Members of the European Parliament recently heard a special presentation from PSI and leaders of the National Health Workers’ Union of Guatemala, Sindicato Nacional de Trabajadores de Salud de Guatemala (SNTSG), on why special free trade provisions should be suspended with Guatemala until the deadly campaign against trade unionists is ended in that country.

Guatemala is the most dangerous country in the world for trade unionists. Public health care workers who expose corruption or demand their legal labour rights are specifically being attacked and assassinated.

Public Services International (PSI) has launched a major solidarity campaign. This included leading an international trade union delegation in August 2013 to meet with Guatemalan government leaders demanding that immediate steps be taken to stop all violence directed towards trade unions and their members and to ensure workers’ lives and legal rights are respected in Guatemala.

PSI asks all affiliates to join in lobbying European leaders to suspend the special incentive trade arrangement with Guatemala for sustainable development and good governance, known as GSP+, as long as workers are being brutally abused and murdered. There can be no free trade without trade union rights!

Guatemala health workers share their stories in PSI’s new documentary (7 minutes):

In the light of justice (in English)

A la luz de la justicia (en Español)

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