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A new path for Europe: 50,000 workers say we need a change

10 April 2014
EPSU demo in Brussels
Workers from all over Europe joined in the Euro-demonstration on Friday 4 April to demand an end to austerity and a change of direction away from policies that create inequality, poverty and unemployment. The demo was headed by a large group of young workers. Young people are faced with very high unemployment, precarious jobs, worse pensions and pay.

European trade union federations are campaigning to improve the prospects for young people for the future. The EPSU group marched for quality public services, social justice, jobs for all, and against austerity.

The ETUC called for the demonstration to underline the trade union movement’s demands for Another Europe, campaigning under the heading a New Path For Europe ETUC is stressing that the European Union needs to invest in jobs, in infra-structure, in research and development to get the European economy growing again, and in a sustainable manner that strengthens workers’ rights and respects the environment. See the ETUC campaign website for more information and follow the twitter feed #newpath4Europe.

For more information and photos of the demo also see the EPSU website.

Background info:

PSI and EPSU affiliates in Europe will join a demonstration in Brussels on 4 April to demonstrate in favour of a new path for Europe. For EPSU it will be a moment to recall the disastrous effects to public services of the last five years of austerity measures.

The European Trade Union Confederation ETUC has organised the demonstration as European leaders prepare to gather in Brussels for their spring summit. By prolonging the financial and social crisis that is alienating millions of people across the union, European leaders continue to undermine the European project. The demonstration is a way for the European trade union movement to make their voice heard before the European elections.

PSI/EPSU affiliates will have two meeting points: at 8h15 at the EPSU offices (Rue Joseph II number 40, 1000 Brussels) Metro Arts-Loi. The second meeting point is at 9h15 in Rue Gineste-Metro Rogier in front of the Crowne Plaza hotel. Please watch out for the EPSU van with EPSU logos and banners.

More info on the demo is available on the ETUC website.

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