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New handbook for green workplaces

11 October, 2012
How do you take action to increase worker awareness on the environmental performance of their workplaces? A new and practical handbook gives you the answer.

This guide aims to encourage union representatives to get going on greening their workplaces. Trade unions across Europe face the triple challenge of austerity, climate change and energy costs and security. We are consuming energy and natural resources at a
totally unsustainable rate.

We burn more energy, consume more resources, and generate more waste at the workplace and while commuting than we do at home. So the workplace is an excellent place to start.

This Guide provides advice on good practice from trade union activists across the EU. It shows how union representatives and Works Councillors have tackled saving energy for heating and light, travel to work, recycling and other initiatives.

The handbook is sponsored by the European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC) and is issued in six different languages (please see menu to the right to download pdf).


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