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Liberia: Ebola kills, the State fires

12 January, 2017
RadioArticolo1, the radio for CGIL, Italy, has interviewed George Poe Williams from Liberia, NAHWAL General Secretary. George was arbitrarily dismissed in 2014 for calling for better working conditions and protective equipment during the Ebola crisis.

Joseph S. Tamba and George Poe Williams, respectively President and General Secretary of NAHWAL, were dismissed in February 2014 following a nationwide strike against poor working conditions in the health sector. The strike followed repeated attempts to seek change through negotiations and dialogue, which the government rebuffed. These deplorable working conditions had fatal consequences: the lack of protective equipment, long working hours and the lack of medication in the fight against Ebola caused hundreds of deaths amongst health workers.

Listen to George Poe Williams explain in his own words what the union was calling for and why he was dismissed and has still not been reinstated.

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