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Letter of solidarity to Botswana affiliates

06 June 2012
At its recent meeting in Geneva, the World Women’s Committee of Public Services International (PSI), sent the following letter to PSI's affiliates in Botswana

Letter of solidarity to Botswana affiliates

The World Women’s Committee of Public Services International (PSI) is writing to you to protest in the strongest term against the continued repression of public sector workers in Botswana, an especially our sister trade unionists, who are exercising their legitimate right to industrial action.

Despite several meetings between PSI and government officials, and despite the intervention of the International Labour Organisation (ILO), the Botswana government has intensified actions designed to intimidate trade unionists and suppress lawful trade union action. One can note the mass dismissal of public sector workers who took part in the strike action, the selective re-employment of some o the dismissed workers, the designation of almost all Botswana public services as essential services, the continued harassment and intimidation of trade union activists, the denial of the right to organise and bargain collectively.

The PSI World Women’s Committee reiterate its condemnation of all acts of intimidation against public sector workers and assure its unequivocal support to the Botswana affiliates.

The PSI World Women’s Committee calls on the Botswana Government to live up to its obligations, as a member of the international community, and to guarantee the respect of women’s rights, trade union rights and all human rights in Botswana.


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