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Korean unionists protest against government plans for performance-related pay and dismissals

23 June 2016
On June 18, PSI affiliates (KPTU, FKPIU, KHMU) and other public and financial unions held a national rally protesting the government's unilateral imposition of a performance-related salary and dismissal system on the public institutions.

Research by PSIRU has shown that this system is likely to increase discrimination among workers and worsen the quality of public services. Moreover, the Korean government and public sector employers are using scare tactics and violations of trade union and human rights in attempting to get workers to accept the system, making Korea a 'worst case scenario' in terms of the implementation of performance-related pay.

 PSI Korean affiliates will go on strike in the upcoming months if the government does not withdraw its plan and begin negotiations with unions on the development of a fair wage system for the public sector.

Korea rally June 2016 1


Korea rally June 2016 2


Korea rally June 2016 3


Korea rally June 2016 4


Korea rally June 2016 5

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