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Korean health workers' union protest flawed labor market reforms

05 September 2016
KHMU protest healthcare privatization in May 2014
PSI affiliate, the Korean Health and Medical Workers’ Union (KHMU) has decided to hold two general strikes at the end of September and October, to protest flawed labor market reforms. The union is also striking for 2016 collective wage bargaining and to secure a sufficient number of healthcare workers in hospitals.

On 31 August, KHMU held the second round of the temporary congress of union representatives at Seoul National University Dental Hospital attended by 200 participants, the congress announced the final plan for major strike actions as follows: 

  • KHMU will hold the first industry-based general strike on 28 September and the second on 27 October. The national union of healthcare workers has also committed to join the 12 November Labor Rally where 200,000 protesters are expected to attend.
  • Members of the union will organize a signature campaign in favour of the Healthcare Human Resources Support Act and will hold chapter press conferences while conducting on-site campaigns every Wednesday.
  • KHMU will enter the first round of a general strike on 27 September in protest of healthcare privatization and the performance-based wages and dismissal system, while calling for the Healthcare Human Resources Support Act and collective wage bargaining. KHMU also plans to apply for labor dispute mediation on 12 September and hold an all-night demonstration on 19 September.
  • Strike actions will target companies that are beginning to institute labor reforms such as the performance-based dismissal system.

For more information see the KHMU website (in English)

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