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Kenya: Pre-decision & Information Kit

1 January, 2009
The National Working Group of public sector trade unions affiliated to Public Services International (PSI)
It is a human right for one to seek opportunities to improve his or her life and social and economic status. Faced with low remuneration, poor working conditions, workplace violence and the rising prices of basic commodities in developing countries, health workers are opting to migrate to industrialized countries where they believe they can find better opportunities for themselves and for their families.

This kit was prepared by the National Working Group of public sector trade unions participating in Public Services International’s (PSI) Migration and Women
Health Workers Project in Kenya. The purpose of the kit is to guide health workers to make informed choices on whether or not to migrate for work in other countries.
In making the decision on whether or not to migrate it is very important to understand that migration involves a cycle, with various stages, as illustrated.


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