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Johannesburg People’s Pride March for Freedom and Justice

08 October 2013
PSI South African representative giving speech
The first People’s Pride Movement March was held in Johannesburg, South Africa, on Saturday 5 October. PSI, represented by its South African sub-regional office, took an active part in the March.

More than 500 people turned up for the first-ever Johannesburg People’s Pride March for Freedom and Justice in Hillbrow on Saturday. The march called on people with a desire for a free and just society to take to the streets of Johannesburg and demand a safe and free South Africa for all of those who live in it.

“Our sexual orientation, our race, our class position, our gender, our geographic location, our bodies with disabilities, our refugee status and many other factors work together and are used as a basis to exploit and oppress us and place us on these margins”. (Johannesburg People’s Pride)

Public Services International spread its message that LGBT workers’ rights are human rights. Trade unions are committed to fight against discrimination and for an inclusive non-violent society. Taking part in events such as this is very important to show that trade unions share these values. At the same time, LGBT trade union activists are needed to spread this message. Where better to find new activists then at the People’s Pride!!!

The People's Pride is a "political movement for social justice and social change consisting of people from suburbs and townships, queer and non-queer, workers and unemployed people, black and non-black, disabled and able-bodied activist, feminists, conscious and interested people. We come from economically advantaged and disadvantaged backgrounds, with competing interests and visions, with the purpose to reclaim our pride and return it to the people". See their website for more information.

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