PSI is working towards achieving Quality Public Services and Decent Work for all workers through intervention and influencing global policies. Pension and social security is integral in the context of QPS and Decent work. We believe that all workers in all services must have access to pension schemes enabling them to retire from work and receive an income adequate for their needs.

Public services urgently need an alternative to austerity

02 July 2012
Assisting nurse with trolley

The impact of austerity on public services has been monitored in a series of research reports. - Our members across Europe are facing a major struggle to defend their jobs and maintain the vital services that they provide, says EPSU general secretary.

Strike action hits across the UK

10 May 2012
Workers on strike in Glasgow

Across the UK hundreds of thousands of public sector workers are on strike in protest at government plans to make them work longer and pay more for smaller pensions.

Pensions staff in UK forced into risky privatisation experiment

02 May 2012
PCS banners

Hundreds of pensions staff will be forced out of the public sector as part of a risky privatisation experiment, the Public and Commercial Services union says.

Serious attacks on pensions for UK firefighters

26 April 2012
Fire and firefighter

The UK government wants firefighters to pay higher pension contributions, work at least five years longer and then receive lower pension benefits.

UK Civil servants start voting in new pensions ballot

28 February 2012
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More than 250,000 members of the Public and Commercial Services union in the civil and public services have started voting in a consultation over the next steps in the fight against the government's cuts to pensions.

They will be asked two questions: do they reject the government's latest pensions offer; and do they support an ongoing joint union campaign for fair pensions for all.

Fair public sector pensions

06 January 2012

PSI affiliates in the UK continue their campaigns for fair public sector pensions, applying a variety of tactics.

Solidarity message to UK affiliates

24 November 2011

The Executive Board of Public Services International (PSI), meeting in Geneva on 23-25 November, extends its unequivocal support to PSI affiliates in the UK as they take action on 30 November in defence of fair pensions for all.