Reliable electricity improves lives and supports economic development. Just ask anyone who gathers wood to cook. Private corporations – motivated by profit – have frequently failed to expand electrical services to those who need it most. They also charge all the market will bear. Public enterprises – motivated by serving the public interest – are better placed to provide clean, affordable energy.

PSI signs Global Framework Agreement to improve workers’ rights and representation with Enel

25 June 2013
Rosa Pavanelli PSI General Secretary signs the agreement

On 14 June 2013 in Rome, Italy, the global unions Public Services International and IndustriALL signed a Global Framework Agreement with the multinational enterprise Enel, which operates in more than 40 countries.

Paraguay: No to the privatisation of the energy sector

24 June 2013
Paraguay: No to the privatisation of the energy sector

Following actions from PSI affiliate SITRANDE (Sindicato de Trabajadores de la ANDE), including demonstrations in Asuncion uniting workers from all over the country, and strong support from PSI, the parliament of Paraguay decided to postpone on Tuesday 18 June any decision on the regulatory system of electricity.

Green jobs and privatization don't mix

23 May 2013

For the first time, the agenda of next International Labour Conference (Geneva, 5-20 June, 2013) includes a General Discussion on “Sustainable Development, Decent Work and Green Jobs”.

Public Services International at the World Social Forum, Tunis 2013

15 April 2013

Public Services International had the strongest global union presence at the World Social Forum 26-30 March 2013 in Tunis, Tunisia. PSI hosted and co-sponsored numerous events on trade union rights, youth, water, women’s issues, tax justice, energy and climate change.

Energy and development policies at the WSF

15 April 2013
WSF Tunis

The PSI utilities delegation included members from the following countries: Tunisia, Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, Rwanda, Senegal, Palestine, Algeria, South Africa. Many other unions participated in WSF as part of their national delegations. Our UGTT affiliates arranged for PSI to have a tent in the trade union village; we presented many documents and posters which were well received. PSI and UGTT banners on the right to water and to energy adorned the main entryway of the World Social Forum.

Australia: Electricity unions launch campaign to keep NSW electricity network in public hands

09 April 2013

PSI Australian affiliates - ASU - USU Branch and ETU launched a multi-million dollar community campaign against a proposal by the O'Farrell Government to sell the state's electricity poles and wires monopoly to pay for unfunded election commitments.

Public service workers call for recognition and respect in the wake of Hurricane Sandy

14 March 2013
Celeste Kirkland, of Transit Workers’ Union Local 100, talking at the meeting

Superstorm Sandy left New York City scrambling to provide relief for the many people affected by the hurricane, which swept through in the late autumn of 2012. Fifty-five people were killed, and flooding damaged many homes and businesses. As with other disasters, responsibility for response to the tragedy fell to the hands of frontline public service workers. On Thursday 7 March 2013, workers from across the city came together to reflect on their professional experiences and to chart a common course moving forward in terms of disaster preparedness, response and recovery.