Education support and cultural workers

Public Services International affiliates represent hundreds of thousands of educational support workers throughout the world, many of who work without job security, fair compensation and benefits, or recognition that their services are vital to ensuring high quality public education for all citizens. The jobs of support workers are on the frontlines of the privatization and casualization struggle within the education sector, and many of these workers face challenges in pursuing their basic freedom to form a union and collectively bargain their terms and conditions of service. More information

Report on the Annual General Meeting of the European Sectoral Social Dialogue for Education – 19th February 2016 Brussels

18 March 2016
Annual General Meeting of the European Sectoral Social Dialogue for Education

Jon Richards from UNISON UK and Jan Boersma from FNV, Netherlands represented the European Federation of Public Service Unions (EPSU) at the Annual General Meeting of the European Sectoral Social Dialogue for Education (ESSDE), an official EU body for employers and unions in the education sector.

Pakistan Supreme Court confirms workers’ rights to form unions and carry out protest action

18 February 2016
Pakistan Supreme Court

Following a ruling by the Pakistan Supreme Court on 8 February 2016, government workers in Pakistan can now form unions and carry out protest actions without fear of punitive action by the government.

Something’s rotten: students reject privatised school lunches in Chicago

10 February 2016
Rotten pear in school lunch

Students in Chicago were so disgusted by the school lunches provided by the private company Aramark that they decided to do something about it.

Government of Ecuador wants to overturn democratically elected rector of university

22 January 2016
César Montaño

The government of Ecuador is trying to overturn the democratically elected rector of the Andean University of Simon Bolivar. PSI has recently sent a letter of solidarity to our brothers and sisters of the faculty and professional-technical union. Please send your own letter of solidarity!

USA: School Board promises to scrutinize food outsourcing

15 January 2016

After a unanimous vote to privatise school breakfasts and lunches, the School Board of Roanoke School in Virginia, USA, promised to closely watch how the private company Sodexo performs.

One in five UK regional museums closed in 2015

15 January 2016
Fleetwood museum

A survey by the UK Museums Association (MA) of the cuts to funding in 2015 reveals that one in 10 expect to introduce charges to make up for loss of local authority funding.

US university’s subcontracted campus jobs mean poverty wages

14 January 2016
Justice for UC workers!

Fifty students held a two-hour occupation of the central administration offices at the University of California, Berkeley on 3 December to demand living wages and benefits for workers employed by private contractors on campus. Police arrested 22 of the students who were charged with misdemeanor offenses.