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Indonesian water union obtains salary increase for workers in private water companies

23 September 2012
Demonstration of water workers in Indonesia
After years of struggle, private water companies in Jakarata, Indonesia have agreed to raise the basic salary of public utility Pam Jaya's workers seconded to their companies.

President directors from Pam Jaya, Palyja and Aetra (the two private operators) signed an agreement stating that the private companies will pay an increased basic salary to every seconded employee starting from 1 November.

The union is keeping a close eye on the companies so that they do not simply adjust salaries on paper, leaving them with an unchanged take home pay.
During the negotiations, hundreds of union members waited outside the room, ready to march to Parliament in case the negotiations failed.

This negotiating success is in part the result of months of mobilisation coordinated by trade unions and NGOs, highly critical of the private operators.  
The water mobilisations also influenced the recent elections for the Governor of Jakarta, which saw the defeat of the big machine candidate in favour of populist outsider Joko Widodo.

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