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Impact of the Spending Cuts on Public and Local Services, Charities and Organisations for LGBT People

1 January, 2012
Public and Commercial Services Union (PCS)
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This research briefing beings to bring together various reports, research and case studies that are beginning to appear, on the severity of central and local governments‟ spending cuts on organisations and support services which lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people use or may use.

This briefing sets out to map the situation by introducing the current crisis that budget cuts are having on public and voluntary services with a closer look at the impact that has had on some LGBT services across the UK. It then presents, in brief, some of the areas where the impact of the cuts and the ideological attacks are creating serious problems and detrimental life-changing consequences in such areas as families and the home, young LGBT people, transgender issues, justice, health, housing, immigration and education.

It is by no means an exhaustive summary but it does aim to present a picture of the scope and reality of the cuts for LGBT people and how it impacts on the lives of LGBT people, communities and organisations.


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