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Guinea: trade unions call for general strike on 15 February

12 February 2016
Map of Africa showing Guinea
The two national unions CNTG and USTG in Guinea have called for a general strike on 15 February following the rupture of tripartite negotiations between the unions, management and government.

Update: the strike that began on 15 February 2016 was suspended on 19 February when the unions signed an agreement with the national institutions. The agreement covers 12 out of the 13 union claims, the only one remaining being the price of fuel, which is subject to a 45-day moratorium before being revisedr downwards.


The unions have a list of claims from a 2015 agreement that have still not been respected, as well as new claims for 2016. Their main demands are:

  • A fuel price reduction to 5,000 FG per litre
  • Application of the salary scale and revision of the pension plan
  • The establishment of a National welfare fund and a compulsory health insurance institute for civil servants
  • The drawing up or revision of collective agreements (private sector, media, health, education, telecommunications, service delivery), the removal of non-conventional roadblocks and police hassle, and road transport safety.

Public Services International expresses its solidarity with the trade unions in Guinea and fully supports their demands.

PSI has addressed a solidarity letter to the unions (in French) and urges the government to respect the 2015 agreement and the union’s claims for 2016.

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