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"Greece has given Europe a lesson of democracy, and the right answer to austerity, " says Rosa Pavanelli

27 January 2015
Syriza demonstrators in front of the Acropolis, Athens
“A strong message to the Troika and to the European Institutions, after six years of austerity that have destroyed the social fabric of Greek society.”

This is how Rosa Pavanelli, General Secretary of PSI, commented the results of the general election in Greece, where the leftist party Syriza won with a sound majority. 

“Poverty, in some cases extreme poverty, has become part of the daily life of many Greeks: those who are unemployed or work with unacceptably low wages, who have no access to health care and social services, who cannot afford the cost of water and energy. They are the living proof that austerity simply doesn't work, that it cannot but worsen the economy.”
“Historically, Greece can be considered a cradle of democracy. And democracy has clearly said that Greek people are not afraid of opposing the current political leadership of the EU. Keeping democracy alive is the best answer to those who try to demean democratic institutions and people’s power.”
“Europe has to learn the lesson from Greece: when people call for democracy and social justice, they are calling for a fair and peaceful society, for stable and sustainable economies. And they must be listened to.”

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