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Global Unions Statement of Priorities for the 9th WTO Ministerial Conference

28 November, 2013
Global Unions, ITUC
In the wake of the on-going economic crisis brought on in no small measure by the same de-regulatory forces that champion trade liberalisation, there is a real opportunity for the global community to re-think existing trade rules and arrangements. World Trade Organisation’s (WTO) accords have adversely impacted farmers and workers and they have reduced policy and regulatory space needed to actively promote decent jobs and quality public services.

However, a new multilateral trading system can contribute to economic recovery and to resolving other crises, but such contributions are neither inherent nor automatic. Only balanced and inclusive trade rules can help to reduce income inequality, slow climate change and eliminate poverty. WTO Members must take a first step in this direction by honouring the developmental mandate given to the WTO in Doha.

The ITUC and Global Unions have expressed their concerns on different aspects of the negotiations throughout the years.

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