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Global Unions campaign for migrant workers' rights

31 May 2012
During the 101st International Labour Conference in Geneva, Switzerland from May 30 to June 15, Public Services International, Building and Wood Workers' International, Education International and the International Trade Union Confederation will highlight the important contributions of migrant workers through the “Without Us” poster that will be depicted in one of the public trams operated by the in Geneva public transport group.

Each of the four posters highlights the important role migrant workers play in the education, health care, construction sector and as domestic workers. It also states that in some countries migrant workers are the majority of the work force as is the case in Qatar, where 99% of the workers in the construction sector are migrants.
“Without Us” there is no education; “Without Us” there is no health care;  “Without Us” there is no clean houses; and “Without Us” there is no football in Qatar in 2022.

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