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The Free Fracking Agreement - Proposed TiSA Annex on Energy Related Services

2 December, 2015
PSI, International Forum on Globalization - Author Victor Menotti
Public Services International (PSI) and International Forum on Globalisation released the first known analysis of the proposed Annex on Energy Related Services to inform the COP 21 climate summit.

As Heads of State prepare to sign an historic United Nations accord in Paris to avoid today’s accelerating climate catastrophe, their trade negotiators are meeting in Geneva to secretly forge a new Trade in Services Agreement (TiSA) covering Energy Related Services (ERS) that could expand fossil fuels exploitation causing climate change, according to analysis of new documents.  Call it the Free Fracking Agreement.

Reviving a proposed framework first floated a decade ago during the Bush-Cheney administration known as “Halliburton’s WTO Agenda,” TiSA’s proposed new deal would recklessly undermine urgent work worldwide to reduce dangerous carbon emissions, create clean energy jobs, and increase energy security for economies everywhere.

The proposal would “reduce states sovereignty over energy resources – says Victor Menotti, author of the study - by requiring states to establish free markets for foreign suppliers of energy related services thereby removing the right to ensure domestic economic benefits from exploiting energy resources.”

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