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Finland: Protest massive attack on trade union rights

21 September 2015
No cuts
On 18 September Finland's unions took to the street protesting against the government's austerity measures.

Finland's unions took to the streets on Friday 18 September!

Finland's new right-wing coalition government has announced plans to unilaterally cut pay and benefits negotiated through collective bargaining.

The proposed legislation violates basic trade union rights, conventions of the ILO and international and European human rights instruments. The changes include substantial reductions in compensation for overtime, weekend and night work, sick pay, the elimination of two paid national holidays and a significant reduction in annual leave.

Unions estimate that the impact would be a 4-6% reduction in pay, with the impact falling hardest on the most vulnerable, including part-time and women workers.

The national trade union centers SAK, STTK and Akava organized a mass demonstration on Friday 18 September as the first stage in a fight to defeat these laws.

PSI supports the Finnish unions, calling for messages to be sent to the country's Prime Minister and Minister of labour!  

Please take a moment to show your support!

Send a message here and please spread the word to your fellow union members.

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