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Financing for Development

16 July 2015
Photo: Civil Society hearings - Creative Commons FFD3
As negotiations for the Post-2015 Development Agenda draw to a close at the United Nations, Member States are discussing means of implementation and financing. PSI is taking an active part in this process together with other trade unions and civil society partners at the Third International Conference on Financing for Development (FFD3).

While some industrialized countries are pushing the G77 into agreeing to an agenda which for now will not deliver on its promise, there are very hot discussions on many aspects of the proposed solutions to bring our world to a better place by 2030.

By Thursday 16 July we will know if this negotiation is done in good faith and will put people's interests at the centre or will rather be a vehicle for privatization and the continued power politics of big money.

The negotiations take place in plenary sessions and in numerous bi and multi-lateral negotiations. Two roundtables are held every day with high-level speakers from governments, international organizations, business and civil society. 

PSI representatives participated in numerous side-events and roundtables including the CSO Forum held on 11-12 July prior to the FFD3. More than 600 civil society organizations and networks from around the world have been engaged in the process leading up to and including the FFD3. The two-day forum produced a joint statement endorsed by all, including PSI, calling for an intergovernmental tax body and raising serious concerns about the unconditional support for public-private partnerships (PPPs).

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