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International Days

International Summit in Johannesburg to celebrate the International Youth Day

11 August, 2016 to 13 August, 2016

“The Role of Young Workers in Fighting Precarious Employment and Its Impact in the Public Services”

World Public Services Day

23 June, 2015

On World Public Services Day, 23 June, PSI is calling to mobilise and push for a fairer tax system for all. Together we can demand an international tax system that represents the interests of the many, not the few. Together we can demand that our governments challenge tax dodging so that countries are better able to provide desperately needed free, quality public healthcare and education for all.

Global Day of Action on Trade and Investment Treaties

18 April, 2015

A coalition of civil society groups and unions around the world has organised a global day of action on 18 April to demonstrate against the negotiation of harmful trade agreements. PSI endorses this day of action and encourages affiliates to participate.

International Women's Day (IWD) 2015

8 March, 2015


The Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action were adopted 20 years ago with high hopes for the future. The Platform for Action imagines a world where each woman and girl can exercise her freedoms and choices, and realize all her rights, such as to live free from violence, to go to school, to participate in decisions and to earn equal pay for equal work. Unfortunately, today it remains largely unfulfilled.

International Migrants Day

18 December, 2014

International Anti-Corruption Day

9 December, 2014

All over the world corruption undermines quality public services, the integrity of its institutions and employees, and equal and fair treatment of citizens. It is an insult to democratic principles, ethical values, justice and the rule of law. Corruption jeopardizes the stability and security of societies, and is one of the greatest obstacles to a decent and sustainable economic development.

International Day for Decent Work

7 October, 2014

International Youth Day

12 August, 2014

World Public Services Day 2014

23 June, 2014

On the occasion of World Public Services Day, Public Services International and its affiliates are working together across borders to end tax havens, tax avoidance and corruption, and to bring in progressive tax systems that are properly resourced and enforced. Tax justice enables public spending for the common good, and provides the means for economic self-sufficiency for municipal, regional and national governments.

International Labour Day

1 May, 2014