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"Equal Times" - the digital newspaper for the world's workers

19 September 2012
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'Equal Times' - the digital newspaper for the world's workers – has been officially launched. Equal Times will have daily news from the world of work, a blogging community with opinion, investigate pieces and uniquely, an action platform for our members and supporters to engage in digital campaigns.

The first major campaign on Equal Times is the “Qatar, do the right thing: No World Cup Without Labour Rights” campaign - see http://act.equaltimes.org/en/fillastadium

The action centre operates in many languages, and is designed to make it easy for trade unionists and others to learn about, and get engaged in, international campaigns.
Equal Times is sponsored by the ITUC but is a platform for the movement and our allies to expose injustice, host debate, galvanize opinion and take direct action. In contrast to mainstream media sources it will search for and value the stories of working people.

You’ll also find the www.equaltimes.org  community. As a trade union member, you’re part of a 175-million-member movement. Now you can share your experiences and thoughts online in English, French, Spanish or your own language.

On the pages of www.equaltimes.org you can comment, blog and take part in national and global debates.

The editor of Equal Times, Vittorio Longhi (Vittorio.Longhi@equaltimes.org) writes that

“Here are five ways you can be part of the biggest change to how working people make their voice heard and get their global news.

  1. Read online www.equaltimes.org  in English, French, Spanish and comment.                                                                                                           
  2. Subscribe to our fortnightly newsletter at www.equaltimes.org  to keep up with Equal Times reporting. No time? You can get the Equal Times one minute news summary in our fortnightly newsletter from October.
  3. Keep up with breaking news and follow Equal Times on Twitter. https://twitter.com/equaltimes
  4. Join us on Facebook www.facebook.com/equaltimes
  5. Become an Equal Times blogger or contributor, email me at blogger@equaltimes.org

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