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CUPE pay equity victory

28 August 2013
After more than 12 years, the City of Montréal is bowing to the arguments of the City’s white-collar workers’ union and opting to settle the issue of pay equity for these workers once and for all.

The City of Montréal has announced that it will not contest the May 2013 decision of the Commission de l’équité salariale (CES), marking a major step toward resolving the issue.

“Common sense has finally prevailed,”stated Francine Bouliane, general secretary of the Syndicat des fonctionnaires municipaux de Montréal (CUPE 429). “Efforts to achieve pay equity have been ongoing since 2001, and as the matter has dragged on, the City has continued to save money at the expense of women. Now, at long last, we’re putting an end to pay discrimination in the City of Montréal.”

For more information read the full article on the CUPE website.

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