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Two thousand Tunisian municipal cleaners demand safe working conditions and statutory recognition for their profession

13 May 2019

Two thousand municipal workers from Tunisia’s waste management services gathered on April 28th, World Day for Safety and Health at Work, to demand safe and healthy working conditions, adequate personal protective equipment for all, and the recognition of their professional status at national level.


26 July 2018

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PSI Constitutional Meetings

27 February 2017

كلمة السيّدة روزا بافانيللي خلال المؤتمر الـ23 للاتّحاد العام التونسيّ للشغل المنعقد في تونس

24 January 2017

توجّهت السيّدة روزا بافانيللي، أمين عام الاتحاد الدوليّ للخدمات العامة، إلى المشاركين/ات في المؤتمر الـ23 للاتّحاد العام التونسيّ للشغل، المنعقد في تونس العاصمة بين 22 و25 كانون الثانيّ/ يناير 2017.

Tunisia : General strike due to negotiations deadlock

Union protestors in Tunis

On 19 May, health workers in Tunisia, members of PSI affiliate Fédération Générale de la Santé (FGS), organised a general strike in all the country’s hospitals (general, regional and teaching hospitals) following the deadlock in negotiations between the union and the Tunisian Health Ministry.

Tunisian National Dialogue Quartet receives Nobel Prize at celebration in Oslo

10 December 2015
The Nobel ceremony - Photo: M.B. Haga, MFA

At a celebration in Oslo, Norway, on 10 December 2015, the Tunisian National Dialogue Quartet received the Nobel Peace Prize.

Nobel Peace Prize for Tunisian National Dialogue Quartet

09 October 2015
Demonstrators carry a UGTT banner

A quartet of Tunisian civil society organisations, including the trade union organisation UGTT, a member of PSI, have won the Nobel Peace Prize for 2015.

Climate change: Towards and Beyond COP21

08 October 2015

The solutions to the climate challenge require a substantive transformation of the current socio-economic development paradigm, including industrial change. This is not just about some technical changes to energy production or transport systems. What is required is a redefinition of the predominant model of production and consumption. We must give back to the state and public services their role in supporting our communities, and ensure that workers and trade unions are able to participate fully in all steps of this process.

2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development

17 June 2015

PSI works in coalition with EI, ITUC, civil society partners, the ILO and others to influence the inter-governmental negotiations related to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the Post-2015 Development Agenda and the Financing for Development (FfD) arena.

Emergencies and Disasters

03 April 2015

PSI represents first responders and frontline workers. These are the people who put their lives at risk in order to protect and save your families. First responders include firefighters and emergency medical technicians, police and other uniformed services. They are also the frontline workers in hospitals and health clinics, in schools, in energy and water utilities; in public transport; in civil administration and in a range of other areas. All of us depend on these people being able to do their jobs, having the right tools and training.