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Presentation: Resist, reclaim, restructure

18 Oct 2013

This presentation was made by Josua Mata during the PSI Asia Pacific Quality Public Services Forum in Bangkok, Thailand - October 2013

Philippines union works with municipality to improve public services and workers’ benefits

15 October 2013

Jonathan Jamora, local president of the Bislig City Employees Association (BISCEA) in the Philippines and a member of the National Executive Board of PSLINK, joined the PSI delegation to the UCLG Congress World Summit for Local and Regional Leaders, in Rabat, Morocco, 1-4 October 2013.

BISCEA has built a relationship with Bislig’s municipal government and takes an active role in improving and delivering public services daily.

Philippines: 96% vote union!

14 October 2013
St Luke's Medical Center (Global City) healthcare workers casting their votes and exercising their freedom of association

A resounding organising success for the PSI-affiliated Alliance of Filipino Workers, who won recognition for the St. Luke’s Medical Center Employees Association.


26 September 2013

Corruption is one of the sicknesses of our society. PSI believes that one of the best alternatives to austerity and cuts to public spending is to seriously fight against corruption. We also link this new PSI campaign against corruption to the fight for global tax justice.

No Trade in Public Services

31 July 2013

The recent wave of trade agreements are direct threats to the provision of Quality Public Services. These new agreements encourage privatisation, restrict governments’ ability to regulate in the public interest and create new and powerful rights for large multinational corporations. They are also a threat to democracy and accountability of government. They are being negotiated in secret, without proper consultation and will bind future governments, often regardless of the decisions of national elections, parliaments and courts. PSI urges all affiliates to understand the implications and join our allies to oppose the harmful effects of these agreements.

Advocacy campaign for the ratification of ILO Convention 151

30 July 2013
Members at meeting held 25 July 2013

While the Philippines has ratified ILO Conventions 87 and 98, public sector workers cannot exercise full collective bargaining rights due to government regulations. As part of an ongoing campaign to win these rights, PSI affiliates conducted an orientation activity on ILO C. 151 (Labour Relations in the Public Services, 1978) for members of the Public Sector Labor Management Council (PSLMC) spearheaded by the Civil Service Commission (CSC) in Quezon City, Philippines, on 25 July 2013.

Letter of protest following Philippines murder

10 July 2013

PSI General Secretary Rosa Pavanelli has written to the President of the Philippines in protest of the murder of a trade unionist in Davao City. It is suspected that Antonio “Dodong” Petalcorin was killed because he denounced corruption in a national government agency.

Download the letter in the attachment below.

LGBT Workers

06 June 2013

PSI is committed to equality for all irrespective of sex, marital status, ethnic origin, national identity, disability, sexual orientation, age or religion, at the workplace, in trade unions and in the broader political, social, economic and cultural context. LGBT workers’ rights are trade union rights, and trade union rights are human rights. Trade unions are committed to fight against discrimination and for an inclusive non-violent society.

PSI at the International Labour Conference (ILC)

14 May 2013

The 107th Session of the International Labour Conference will be held at the Palais des Nations and the ILO headquarters, in Geneva, from 28 May to 8 June 2018. PSI will be working in close cooperation with its affiliates and the Workers’ Group at the ILC to make the voices of public sector workers heard!