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EU: Concerns of weakening public services

07 November 2012

Threats are posed to public services in the negotiations for a Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement between the EU and Canada.

Canada-EU trade talks on water privatisation and Internet restrictions

25 October 2012
Canadian maple leaf surrounded by EU stars

The Trade Justice Network and Réseau québécois sur l'intégration continentale (RQIC) co-hosted a media teleconference on parts of the Canada-EU trade deal that have become very controversial in Europe.

PSI co-sponsors film tour of inspiring documentary

03 October 2012

PSI, through the Quality Public Services—Action Now! global campaign, is co-sponsoring a Canadian tour of the award-winning documentary We Are Wisconsin.

Canada: "People's court" convicts politicians for crimes against ordinary citizens

20 September 2012
CN Tower Toronto

People's court set up by Canadian union accuses politicians of promoting anti-worker agendas and making sweeping cuts to vital public services.

Canada: Outlining the risks of public-private-partnerships

11 September 2012

The Canadian union CUPE has launched a new guide for municipalities, outlining the risks of public-private partnerships.

Local and Regional Government/Municipal sector

28 August 2012

Local and regional governments (LRG)/municipal sector workers run essential services in cities, metropolitan areas and territories servicing millions of people and communities every day. Our members work in public administrations; public utilities such as water and sanitation, electricity, and solid waste. They operate public transport and maintain public spaces; work in social, culture and education services such as libraries, museums, kindergartens, schools and universities. They are health and social services workers. Firefighters, emergency, medical first responders and municipal police are also among LRG/municipal workers. PSI defends and promotes the union and labour rights of LRG/municipal workers and advocates their decent working and living conditions so that they can sustainably deliver accessible, quality public services to the local communities and territories they serve and successfully confront the many challenges posed by rapid urbanization and globalization. Join the discussion on PSI's LRG/Municipal Workers Facebook Group.

CUPE celebrates World Public Services Day as Communities Day in Canada

18 June 2012

The Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) is celebrating World Public Services Day with a re-launch of the union’s Communities Day on June 23, 2012 and a cross-country ad campaign highlighting the importance of quality public services delivered by CUPE members in every community.

Canada ready to recognize water as a human right

04 June 2012

After years of opposition, the Canadian government now says it will recognize the human right to water.

PSI expressing Solidarity with Quebec Students

Students protesting in Montreal

The executive board of PSI has expressed support for students in Quebec.