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Arab women union leaders meet in Tunis

23 May 2014
The second regional meeting of women union leaders from the MENA region (Middle East and North Africa) took place in Tunis, 6-7 May. It was an exceptional opportunity for PSI affiliate members to discuss the challenges women face in society and in their unions.

The meeting was made possible thanks to the support of Swedish Union ST.

Priorities of PSI-MENA Women Unionists Leadership and Campaign Planning conference

  • Empowering women to become active trade union members and leaders, including through the promotion of the introduction of a quota of minimum 30% in trade union leadership - variable in accordance with the % of women trade union membership
  • Develop trade union policies on gender equality and campaign for them, including through communication on best practices, testimonials of women and men and their trade union experiences
  • Educate women on their labour and human rights, national and international standards, including a campaign on maternity leave and C 183

PSI (sub) Regional Programme of Action

  • Trade Union Rights (more effective women’s participation through awareness programmes and campaigns)
  • Adopt quota on a temporary basis
  • Equal opportunity, equity and fighting against discrimination
  • Work on national labour laws related to equality
  • Support positive discrimination linked to the role of women in society
  • Address violence against women (trade union policies on woman and child abuse, in cooperation with civil society)
  • Fight against discrimination against women inside trade unions
  • The issue of precarious work and how it affects women in the MENA region
  • Ratification of ILO Convention 183 and demand implementation of ratified conventions
  • Request PSI to continue training programmes  (legislation, campaigns, networking, advocacy)


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