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Anti-unionist re-elected in Wisconsin

07 June 2012
This week, voters in Wisconsin went to the polls, and governor Scott Walker survived his recall election. PSI-affiliated unions in in the US express disappointment, but are still optimists as a pro-worker majority now controls the Wisconsin Senate.

"We're disappointed in Tuesday's results but we're also inspired by the historic movement we've seen rise up through Wisconsin," said Rich Abelson, Executive Director of PSI-affiliated AFSCME Council.

The AFSCME President, Gerald W. McEntee, puts it this way:

"Although we didn’t win, Wisconsin’s working families sent a loud and clear message to anti-worker governors, and their shady corporate backers: Efforts to destroy the rights of workers, and our ability to have a voice on the job, will not go unchallenged. We will take them on, just as we did in Ohio, where we overturned John Kasich’s anti-collective bargaining bill, and in Florida, where we successfully stood up to Gov. Rick Scott’s efforts to privatize programs throughout the state."

 Read the full statement from the AFSCME President.

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