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  • ILO Centenary: Testimony of PSI General Secretary

    28 January 2019

    #ILO100 For the celebration of the ILO's Centenary in 2019, PSI General Secretary, Rosa Pavanelli, shares her testimony. She explains why the right to strike remains a major challenge in the world of work.

  • ICRICT launches new paper: “The fight against tax avoidance. BEPS 2.0 : What the OECD BEPS has achieved and what real reform should look like”

    21 January 2019

    The Independent Commission on the Reform of International Corporate Taxation, of which PSI is a member, is launching a new petition, analysing the successes and failures of the OECD's Base Erosion Profit Shifting initiative.

  • Right to Health - Issue 05

    10 January 2019

    Get the latest global news on health and social care services. People over Profit! #PublicHealth4All. Right to Health newsletter Issue 05/2018.

  • Historic national general strike in India

    08 January 2019
    Demonstration by Power Employees & Engineers National strike on 8th January at Nashik and Pune, Maharastra

    The Forum against FTAs has issued a Solidarity Statement in favour of the workers, trade unions and independent federations across India joining together in a historic general strike on 8-9 January. The Forum believes India's flawed trade and investment policies have contributed to deepen the crisis that workers are currently facing.

  • PSI extends full support to nationwide strike in India

    08 January 2019

    On 8-9 January, Indian workers and their trade unions are holding a two-day nationwide general strike to protest against "anti-labour, anti-people and anti-national policies " of the Modi government. PSI extends full support and solidarity to its affiliates, other unions and the workers of India participating in the strike action.

  • Migration is here to stay, funding public services is vital to address it

    20 December 2018
    George de Moussa - Lebanon

    In an Op-ed published around the world, Geneviève Gencianos, PSI Migration Programme Coordinator, writes about public service workers who are at the frontline providing basic services to migrants, asylum seekers, and refugees. It is through public services that we can fight inequality and build resilient and inclusive societies.

  • Time for quality revolution in healthcare

    19 December 2018
    Rosa Pavanelli, PSI General Secretary

    A major focus of this edition of Right to Health is the need to go beyond the tokenism which favours profit-making for health companies over the provision of “universal health coverage.” PSI has always maintained that we need quality health for all, and this is possible only when it is publicly delivered, says Rosa Pavanelli, PSI General Secretary.